"i can’t fucking read"

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ihatebarton asked: Steak mom, I talked to my best dude last month and straight up asked him how he feels about me. Basically he said he doesn't know and wants to be friends. He slipped in that he doesn't even know himself. He's 21, I'm 19. I'm balls deep in self awareness and I know that I should be with someone who sees me for me, but I don't feel like I can ever forget him. I'm gonna be home for summer in a month when we'll be together with our crew 24/7. I am sad and confused and I wanna be a bad bitch again.


You know whats better than forcing a relationship with someone who isn’t totally in it, ready, and possibly just over all confused? Them being honest with you about that and saving you from to having to deal with the heartbreak and loss of friendship when it fizzles.


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